Cuff Fabric

At you will find a wide range of cuff fabric. Our border fabric consists of a composition of 92% cotton and 8% elastane. As the name itself says, this fabric is used to finish openings, e.g. on the neck, sleeve, hem or whatever you want. The fabric is knitted in a round shape and then cut to size in strips. Moreover, the colours of our cuff fabric are coordinated with those of the uni cotton jersey. In addition to the cuff fabric per metre. Have a lot of fun with our cuffs!

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What is cuff fabric or rayon?

Cuff fabrics is used for the hem of clothing. It can be used to finish jumpers, trousers and T-shirts with a neat border. Piping often consists of a mix of cotton and elastane. Elastane ensures the fabric's elasticity and that makes the welt fabric all the more interesting for use as a waistband in trousers or skirts.

Due to the manufacturing process of piping fabric, the umbrella term rayon fabric is sometimes used.

What types of cuff fabric are there? has different kinds of cuff fabrics in stock.

The cuffs are available per piece and come with a fixed width in nice bright colours. The striped cuffs give a sporty touch to your garment. The cuff fabrics per metre vary in width and go from neutral colours to turquoise or orange.

In addition, you can make a selection from different prints. Do you go for a striped cuff in black or do you prefer glitter and tricot cuffs?

What is cuff fabric used for?

Piping is important for the finishing touch of your clothing. For example, you can use jersey edging in black for the neck and sleeve end of your black jersey jumper. You can also buy a nice green or gold ribbon for a festive dress.

You can also use the cuff fabric as a waistband in a skirt, to make sure the skirt always fits well. Use the same colour as the skirt or choose a contrasting colour. always supplies sewing thread in a matching colour.

What is the price of cuff fabric?

The price of cuff fabric depends on the type of fabric you choose. In our webshop you can choose from more than 100 kinds of piping starting from €3 per metre to €24.99 per metre.

What is the width of the cuff fabric?

The width of our cuff fabrics varies between 45 and 135 centimetres. If you are looking for a specific width, you can select it in our webshop using the filters in the left column of the product page.

Buy cuff fabrics online

All our fabrics, including the cuff fabrics, can be ordered online. You make your choice in our webshop, select delivery or collection and pay. This way you can start your new project in no time.

Buy cuff fabrics in Kasterlee

Would you like to feel our cuff and other fabrics? Then you are more than welcome in our shop in Kasterlee. The full range of piping fabrics in the webshop can be found in our physical shop. You can find the opening hours and address through our contact details.