French Terry

Here you will find a nice assortment of french terry. Also called flannel, melton or sweatshirt fabric. The fabric has a back side with characteristic loops and a smooth front side of thin knitted cotton. There is also a small amount of elastane in the fabric. It is a popular fabric for casual, comfortable clothing such as sweatpants, cardigans, jumpers, but also sporty dresses and so on.

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What is French Terry fabric?

French terry is mainly a comfortable fabric. The fabric is not as heavy as jumper fabric and therefore ideal for a house suit or light jumper. French terry is also an ideal fabric for children's clothes. Let your (grand)children choose a cheerful print and get to work making sweatpants or jumpers to wear at home.

French terry is also often referred to as jumper fabric or flannel fabric.

What types of French Terry fabric are there? has more than 90 colours of french terry fabric you can order online. We have neutral colours like beige, black or grey in stock and also many cheerful, striking colours like orange or coral.

There is also a wide range of french terry children's fabrics for sale. Printed sweatshirt fabrics are extremely popular for children, because they are so soft and cuddly. Stripes, flowers, bears or boats, ... We have them all in stock.

The jumper fabric or flannel fabric is available in a mix of cotton and elastane. So it is extra comfortable to wear!

What is french terry or flannel fabric used for?

For adults you can use french terry to make a comfortable house suit or jumper. The jumper fabric is especially ideal for children because it is so soft. Use it to make a onesie, pyjama or even a blazer. With this fabric, comfort comes first. always supplies sewing thread in a matching colour.

What is the price of French Terry fabric? 

The price of french terry depends on the type of fabric you choose. In our webshop, you can choose from more than 90 types of french terry starting from €5 per meter to €24.99 per meter.

What width does French Terry have?

The width of our cuff fabric varies between 140 and 155 centimeters. If you are looking for a specific width, you can select it in our webshop by using the filters in the left column of the product page.

Buy French Terry online

All our fabrics, including french terry, can be ordered online. You make your choice in our webshop, choose for delivery or pick up and pay. This way you can buy your jumper fabric in no time and start your new project.

Buy French Terry in Kasterlee

Would you like to feel our french terry and other fabrics? Then you are more than welcome in our shop in Kasterlee. The full range of french terry in the webshop can be found in our physical shop. The opening hours and the address can be found through our contact details.