Terlenka is a beautiful quality fabric made of 100% polyester. It is a flexible and wrinkle-free colourfast fabric that is used for many purposes. For example for the making of clothing. Terlenka fabric is also used for decoration at markets and fairs. At home you can see terlenka fabric in tablecloths, cushions and curtains. Because the fabric is crease-resistant and colourfast, it is also a very popular fabric for theatres or for carnivals. This type of fabric is also known as Texture of Burlington.

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What types of Terlenka are there?

At Streetoffabrics.com we have more than 60 types of Terlenka fabric made of polyester. The fabric is often used to make comfortable trousers. Because Terlenka is virtually wrinkle-free, the trousers retain their shape. Nice and handy!

You will find a range of colours in our assortment. From neutral sand to summery apricot, we have it all!

What is Terlenka used for?

Terlenka is mainly used to make your own clothes. At Streetoffabrics.com we have a lot of patterns in stock to help you make a dress, skirt or blouse.

Do you want to use Terlenka decoratively? This fabric is perfect for making curtains. And tablecloths or cushions are also an option.

What width is Terlenka?

The width of our Terlenka is 150 centimetres. If you are looking for a specific width, you can select it in our webshop by using the filters on the left of the product overview.

How much does Terlenka cost?

The price of Terlenka is fixed. In our webshop you can choose between more than 60 types of terlenka at €2.95 per metre.

Which brands sell Terlenka?

At Streetoffabrics.com you will find different brands of Terlenka. The most well-known and extensive is Burlington. If you filter on brand, you will soon see that there are many more brands available. Go on a search and discover our wide range!

Buy Terlenka online

All our fabrics, including Terlenka fabrics, can be ordered online. Simply make your choice in our webshop, select delivery or collection and pay. So you can start your new project in no time.

Buy Terlenka in Kasterlee

Would you like to feel and experience our Terlenka fabrics and other fabrics? Then you are more than welcome in our shop in Kasterlee. The full range of terlenka fabrics in the webshop can be found in our physical shop. You can find the opening hours and the address via our contact details.