This fabric is made of 100% viscose. The fabric is lightweight and moisture absorbent, making it ideal to wear when temperatures are rising. A beautiful thin supple fabric, suitable for clothing that may fall smoothly such as dresses, skirts and blouses.

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What kind of fabric is viscose or rayon?

Viscose is a fabric made of semi-synthetic fibre. The fibres are obtained from processed wood from which thin threads are formed for weaving into fabric. Fabric made in this way is sometimes called rayon fabric.

Because viscose has a luxurious look and feel, it is a commonly used fabric in the fashion industry. Because comfort, softness and luxury are a very sought-after combination for clothing. Viscose is not called artificial silk for nothing.

Moreover, viscose is crease-resistant, retains its shape and colour well.

What types of viscose fabrics are there? has a lot of viscose or rayon fabrics in stock:

Are you looking for a viscose fabric with stretch? Then you've come to the right place in the category Viscose Jersey or Viscose Elastane.

Choose from plain colours, viscose fabrics with flower prints, leopard or paisley. Choose the rayon fabric of your choice and order it today.

What is viscose fabric used for?

The great thing about rayon fabrics is that they are extremely versatile. Skirts and dresses, trousers and T-shirts are often made of viscose. Viscose is also often used as a lining fabric.

Are you looking for a fabric for a new blouse, summer dress or skirt? Then you can choose from our large stock of fabrics. Summer clothes are mainly made of viscose. It is also useful for making children's clothes. In that case, it is best to use the variant of rayon fabric with stretch for extra wearing comfort.

So choose your favourite viscose fabrics with print or plain so you can start with your new sewing project within a few days. always supplies sewing thread in a matching colour.

What is the price of viscose fabrics?

The price of viscose fabrics depends on the type of fabric you choose. In our webshop you can choose from more than 300 types of viscose fabrics starting from €4.95 per meter to €16.95 per meter.

What width is viscose fabric?

The width of our viscose fabric varies between 140 and 150 centimeters. If you are looking for a specific width, you can select it in our webshop using the filters in the left column of the product page.

Buy viscose fabrics online

All our fabrics, including viscose fabrics, can be ordered online. Simply make your choice in our webshop, select delivery or collection and pay. So you can start your new project in no time.

Buy viscose fabrics in Kasterlee

Would you like to feel our viscose fabric and other fabrics? Then you are more than welcome in our shop in Kasterlee. The full range of viscose fabrics in the webshop can be found in our physical shop. Opening hours and the address can be found via our contact details.