Ribbed velvet is also known as corduroy. Colourful ribbed trousers and jackets will probably spring to mind now. At we have a wide range of corduroy with a fine ribbing. This makes the fabric light and soft. Ribbed or corduroy fabric is ideal for making winter clothes because it is so soft and wonderfully warm. A big advantage of the fabric is that it is comfortable to wear and rib knit can be machine washed. Typical seventies colours brown or dark red are popular. At you don't have to limit yourself to that colour palette. Here you can choose from no less than 80+ types of high quality corduroy fabrics.

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What is corduroy or corduroy jersey fabric?

Corduroy, or corduroy jersey fabric is a woven cotton fabric with a rib structure. When the fabric is woven, the weft thread forms the pile fabric, which creates a velvety structure. Like velvet, the pile fabric has a line direction that you can feel with your fingers. Corduroy is perfect for trousers, dresses or skirts, but you can also use it to make a cool bomber or a stylish jacket.

What types of corduroy are there?

At you will find different types of corduroy. The ribs go from fine to coarse and you have a wide choice between:

Our corduroy consists of either 100% cotton or a mix of +-70% cotton, 25% polyester and 5% elastane. For each product, the composition is specified on the product page.

What is corduroy fabric used for?

Corduroy is often seen in trousers, but also jackets and blazers are popular. For clothing you can use both light and heavy corduroy. For decoration, such as curtains and cushion covers, or accessories, we recommend choosing a heavier type of corduroy. Ribbed velvet is a flexible fabric that is easy to work with. If elastane has been added, the corduroy is stretchy.

What is the price of corduroy? 

The price of corduroy depends on the type you choose. In our webshop, you can choose from more than 80 types of corduroy starting from €5 per meter to €19.99 per meter.

Widths of our corduroy fabrics

The width of our corduroy fabrics varies between 140, 145 and 150 centimetres. If you are looking for a specific width, you can select it in our webshop by using the filters at the top of the product page.

Buy corduroy online

All our fabrics, including corduroy, can be ordered online. You make your choice in our webshop, choose for delivery or pick up and pay. So you can start your new project in no time.

Buy corduroy in Kasterlee

Would you like to feel our corduroy and other fabrics? Then you are more than welcome in our shop in Kasterlee. Almost the complete range of corduroy in the webshop can also be found in our physical shop. The opening hours and address can be found through our contact information.