Cotton Fabrics

We understand that this can be quite overwhelming. That's why you can use the filters to reduce the selection to uni cotton fabric, printed cotton fabric or cotton of specific composition such as 100% cotton or 50% cotton/50% polyester. If you only want to see fabrics from brands like B*inspired by Poppy, Riley Blake, Stenzo and many others, you can also select these. You can also refine your selection between cotton fabrics of 110 width and 240 width (and many sizes in between) or make a selection by price. Have fun choosing!


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Types of cotton fabric

There are many types of cotton fabric available at To give a complete list would be too much, but here are some of our main categories.

* Uni cotton

Uni cotton consists of óne colour and is available in more than 60 shades. Because of its simplicity, these cottons are always very competitively priced; almost everything under € 5 per metre. Uni cotton fabric usually comes in 150 cm width. View all uni cotton fabrics.

* Printed cotton fabric

We have just about the largest selection of printed cotton fabrics and at very competitive prices: from €5.95 per metre. Our incredibly wide collection of printed cotton fabrics contains more than 1000 cottons. We have sorted them by colour, by brand, by print so that you can easily find the cotton fabric of your dreams. View all printed cotton fabrics. 


Various brands of cotton fabrics

At you will also find different brands of cotton fabrics. The most well-known and extensive are B*inspired by Poppy, Riley Blake and Stenzo. When you make a selection by brand, you will see that there are many more brands available.


Frequently asked questions

* What is cotton fabric anyway?

Cotton is a natural fibre that comes from the cotton plant. A real natural product, therefore. The fabric often has a clear thread direction and weave. The most important properties of cotton are that the fabric is absorbent, has a good wear resistance and is not static. It is often used when dyeing textiles. Please note that cotton is not shrink- and wrinkle-resistant. However, the fabric also comes in varied combinations with other products. There is 100% cotton, but also 50% cotton with 50% polyester or 95% cotton with 5% elastane. The majority of our offer, however, is pure cotton.

* How do I recognise cotton fabric?

Cotton usually has a clear thread direction and weave. In addition, it usually absorbs moisture very well.

* How is the quality of cotton?

All our cotton fabrics are of excellent quality and therefore ideal for e.g.: face masks, a unique dress, top, shirt, a festive flag line, an original book bag or one of your many other creative ideas.

* What are cotton fabrics used for?

Cotton is known as an easy fabric for sewing creations. Its properties also make it perfect for both clothing items and decoration material. Think of dresses, shirts, joggings, face masks, sheets, napkins or underpads. Let your own inspiration run free! View the best creations of our team & customers here and make them yourself too.


Our price for cotton fabric

The price of cotton fabric depends on the type you choose. In our webshop you will find more than 1200 cotton fabrics between €4 and €17 per meter.

Cotton fabric widths

The widths of our cotton fabrics vary between 110 cm and 240 cm. The most extensive width is 150 cm, in which we can offer more than 580 cotton fabrics. Use the filters to easily select your desired width.

How to buy cotton fabric online?

You can order your cotton safe and easy online. Just make your choice in our extended online shop, proceed with check-out and before you know, you can start your new creations!