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Fleece fabric, you will find no less than 6 types of it with us. The polar fleece fabrics, micro fleece, wellness fleece, cotton fleece, teddy fleece and minky fleece. No lack of choice in fleece fabrics. Everything is available by the metre. Simply match the quantity of the fabric to your project and you are ready to go! Of all the fleece fabrics, polar fleece is considered the cheapest alternative. That's why it is often used for costume purposes. The micro fleece fabric is the significantly better quality compared to the previous ones, it doesn't woolen up easily and is more comfortable to wear. Or perhaps you are looking for a wonderfully soft fleece? A blanket or the well-known onesie? Make that from our wellness fleece fabric and success is guaranteed! Below you will find a wide range of fleece fabric for each of your creative projects. Whether it is teddy fleece or minky fleece. You will find it all at Streetoffabrics.com!

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Fleece fabric types and example applications

The fleece fabric in our webshop consists of 6 large subdivisions. This way you can quickly filter the more than 150 results into exactly what you need for your project. For nice and thick and soft 100% cotton fabric with Oeko-Tex label, you can filter on cotton fleece fabric. For a nice and soft fabric for a thick and soft coat or a hoodie for the winter, choose teddy fleece fabric. The best known fleece fabric for outdoor clothing is polar fleece. Minky fleece fabric is the perfect choice for blankets, wraps, baby nests, clothing, teddies and jackets. Customers also often choose our wellness fleece fabrics for blankets, decorative pillows or warm accessories. The latter, by the way, comes in some nice printed versions. Think of dog paws, checks, leopard, unicorns and more.

What is fleece fabric?

Fleece is a fabric that is technically knitted. It is mostly made of 100% polyester. However, there are also types made of 100% cotton and a combination of cotton and polyester. The synthetic fabric is known for its fantastic insulating properties. Fleece is English for fur, which refers to the furry appearance of the fabric, according to wikipedia. 

What are fleece fabrics used for?

Because fleece fabrics retain heat so well, they are used for very specific projects. Jumpers, scarves and blankets are by far the best known. Of course, you are free to make whatever you want with it! Perhaps a baby nest, decorative pillow or even a carnival costume? It is all possible with fleece!

Price of fleece fabrics

The price of fleece fabric depends on the type you choose. In our webshop you will find over 150 fleece fabrics starting at 4,95 euro. The majority of our fleece is priced between 5.00 and 9.99 euro per meter.

Widths of our fleece fabrics

The widths of our fleece fabrics vary between 140 cm and 150 cm. The most extensive width is 150 cm in which we can offer more than 60 fleece fabrics. Use the filters to select your desired width.

Buy fleece fabric online

It is easy to order your fleece fabric online. Just make your choice, select delivery or collection, pay and before you know you can start your new project!

Fleece fabrics in the shop in Kasterlee

All fleece fabrics from the webshop can also be found in our shop in Kasterlee. Do you prefer to shop in real life? Then be sure to drop by the largest fabric shop in the Benelux in Kasterlee. You can find the shop's opening hours and address at the very bottom of the website. We look forward to your visit.